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Get the previous year’s issues of Lost Colony and every new issue right when it’s released for one year.

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Lost Colony publishes one piece of excellent mid-length (10,000 to 25,000 words) science fiction and fantasy every quarter. These stories will take you to deep space and new worlds, to the future, the past and everywhere in between. They will entertain you, amuse you, and, most importantly, move you.

You can read each story online for free (with ads) here, but the ebook editions also include an Editor’s Note in which the editor explains why the story story was chosen for publication. These notes will give you new insights into how an editor thinks and why these stories soar above the rest.

With your subscription, you get instant access to the previous year’s issues of Lost Colony and early access to each new issue as it is released for one year. For email notifications that a new issue is available, be sure that you leave the “Join our email list” box checked at checkout.

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